About Job Opportunities in Custom & Excise Department. Profitable Jobs!!!

HM Customs and Excise is responsible for collecting about 40 per cent of central government taxation and protects society against illegal importations of drugs and other prohibited goods.

Most new entrants to the Department begin their careers in a local VAT office. There they give advice to local businesses and are responsible for ensuring that the correct amount of tax is paid. Executive officers are likely to spend four days out of five visiting companies to find Out what they do and to audit their records.

The Department is also responsible for collecting excise duties; for example, on petrol, spirits, cigarettes, and betting and gaming. Again, the Department’s role is to ensure that businesses understand their responsibilities.

Probably the most familiar role is the control of imported and exported goods at ports and airports throughout the UK As well as checking passengers’ baggage, commercial importations of cargo are examined.
The work is interesting and varied, with opportunities to get out of the office. With offices all over the country, there are opportunities to work near home.

Qualifications and Training
There are three main entry levels into Customs and Excise. The bottom rung of the ladder is administrative assistant. To join at this level you require two GCSEs at C grade or above including English language. Administrative officers require five GCSEs at C grade or above including English language. Alternatively, if you have two A levels and three GCSEs including English language, it is possible to join at junior management level as an executive officer.
Full training is given as necessary. This may involve a combination of classroom training, self-learning packages and on-the-job training.

Personal Qualities
To do this job well you need to be able to get on with people. Tact, sensitivity and firmness are all useful qualities. You also need to be able to use your initiative and common sense.